Asset tagging has proven to be an effective method for improving productivity, control, and profits. This method maximizes employee efforts and the flow of information inside an organization, regardless of whether goods serve as fixed or mobile objects.
Assets can be given tags or labels to help them stand out from one another and to keep track of information like maintenance records and real-time location. Both stationary and mobile assets that are dispersed over several locations and warehouses might be given these tags. Assets may be arranged quickly and easily, and crucial information like fixed asset depreciation is also easily accessible. Asset number labels will be defined in this post, along with how to identify them on your physical assets.

What Does an Asset Tag Look Like?

Asset tags are used for a successful management system. As their name intends, they are labels printed on aluminum, vinyl, plastic film or polyester stock and then placed on the asset to improve tracking. These labels usually contain a barcode, ID number, company name, and company logo.

Also, keep in mind that asset labels can be customized depending on the requirements of the clients.

How to Find Your Computer or Laptop Asset Tag

Finding the asset tag on your computer or laptop is usually simple. Most of the time, they are found at the back or bottom of your device. It is also possible to locate them on the external components, such as a monitor or keyboard. 

The asset labels should be visible and identifiable with their barcode and serial number. Let’s learn more about where you can find them on some particular assets.


Asset tag numbers on laptops can be found on the underside of your computer. They are typically placed near the startup information, serial number, and other product information.


On a desktop computer, you can find them on the back or side of the tower. Some may be placed on the same side as the ports, while there are some that may be placed at the bottom of your device.

External Components

External components like keyboards, mice, and monitors also have asset tags printed on them. It is usually found near the product information label.

LCD Monitors

You can find the asset labels on your LCD monitor on the back or underside of your monitor. It is usually located near the serial number and product information label.

Custom Printed Labels for Asset Tagging

By identifying your asset tags, it would be easier to keep track of all the assets in an organization.

Asset tagging makes managing corporate inventories more efficient, reducing losses, improving productivity, and helping you maximize profits. Therefore it is important to invest in the right asset tags and labels. You can opt for custom-printed labels designed specifically for your business’s needs.

At Name That Computer, we offer a variety of products to assist you with your asset tagging system. We provide custom asset labels built with high-quality materials, including barcodes, logos, and serial numbers. Get started on building your custom labels today!

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