Premium Numbered Asset Tags For Indoor or Outdoor Use

Name That Computer offers a range of high-quality asset tag labels for your office equipment. Ideal for tracking physical assets, we offer two premium asset tagging options featuring white plastic over laminated with polycarbonate.

Whether you’re looking for premium asset tags with barcodes or with serial numbers only, you can find the product you need at Name That Computer. Our serial code and barcode plastic tags are available in three sizes, with rounded or square corners, and with a variety of color options. Click on the tags below to customize and order your asset tags.

Premium Asset Tags Labels

Why Choose Our Premium Tags?

The benefits of our white plastic asset tags over with polycarbonate include:

asset tag with number

Premium Quality, Cost-Effective Price

Our premium asset tags feature high-quality white plastic over laminated with polycarbonate, which includes added durability and scratch resistance. Additionally, despite their high quality, they are still cost-effective for your asset tagging system.

asset tag with barcode

Entirely Custom Asset Tags

Our premium tags are fully customizable. You can add your company logo and choose the background color that best adapts to your brand. Moreover, you can choose between serial code only or barcode asset tags.

asset tag label

Full Color

We offer full color asset tagging print that stay true to your logo and brand’s colors. Moreover, the polycarbonate overlaminate provides a special shine that makes them look even better.

Should You Pick a Barcode Label or Serial Number Only?

This depends entirely on your asset tracking system. When developing a methodology, your business must choose whether to track assets with serial numbers only or barcodes. Both options are highly effective since you still assign a unique identification number to each piece of equipment and monitor it.

However, barcode labels are great for facilitating and upgrading your method. Since they require barcode scanners to work, your business will need to invest in this product. However, it will prove entirely helpful for increasing efficiency when tracking office assets.

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Wide Range of Products

Custom Solutions for All Office Equipment

High-Quality Tags with Every Element You Need

Quick Turnaround

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Endless Color Options


Do You Charge More for Additional Colors?

NO! We have the same low price regardless of how many colors or gradations you may have in your logo. Your full color logo is available on our case badges, nameplates, and premium asset tags. Only our economy asset tags are white with black text or black background with white text and logo in black and white. 

Do You Manufacture In-House?

Yes, we produce every nameplate, case badge, and asset tags ourselves. 

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