I have seen some cheap domed stickers on some computers, and they don ‘t look very good. How do your case badges and domed stickers compare?

We print on the highest quality materials available on the market today. Most of our case badges are printed on aluminum, not cheap vinyl or mylar (which tends to fall off when they are domed). We spare no expense in delivering a label or nameplate that will not fade or turn yellow, and we use 3M adhesive, so adhesion is guaranteed. You will find that a lot of the poor quality labels that are being sold on the internet have been printed on vinyl or mylar.

If you do business with us, you will find a professional and courteous sales and production staff to meet your needs. We still believe that MADE IN AMERICA still means something!


Do you charge more for additional colors?

NO! We have the same low price regardless of how many colors or gradations you may have in your logo. In some cases where a multiple color print is required on our polyester asset tags there will be a slight price adjustment. Your full color logo is available on our case badges, nameplates, and premium asset tags.


What is your set-up charge?

ZERO! We don’t have a set-up charge!


What if I don’t like how my case badges, nameplates, or asset tags turn out?

Don’t worry! We have a money back GUARANTEE! If the case badges or asset tags that you receive from us don’t match the artwork that you sent to us exactly, we will reprint the nameplates or give you a full refund. We don’t want you to keep a product that you are not proud to put on your valuable equipment. After all, this is YOUR COMPANY LOGO that we are working with. We want you and your customer to see the case badge or nameplate and say WOW!


I have seen case badges on computers and the dome has turned yellow. Will your dome turn yellow?

No, our domes won’t turn yellow, GUARANTEED! We use the best materials available to produce the highest quality nameplates and case badges on the market.


I have purchased domed labels and asset tags in the past, and every time I try to order more, I find that my supplier is out of business. How long have you been in business?

We started printing case badges in 1992, and we have been growing every year. We are serious about our business, and it shows in the case badges that we produce. We will be here for you when you need us!


I have found that some companies don’t actually make their own products, they just order from someone else and resell them. What about you?

We manufacture every nameplate, case badge, and asset tag in house.

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