Custom Asset Tags For Indoor or Outdoor Use

We make tracking your office equipment and physical assets easy with our custom polyester asset labels. We offer two different styles of polyester labels for tracking items like computers, cameras, furniture, appliances, and more. 

Whether you’re looking for a polyester barcode label or with serial number, Name That Computer has what you need. Click on our options below to check out the features each style offers. Customize and order your new asset tracking label with Name That Computer.

Polyester Asset Tags for Equipment

Why Choose Polyester Asset Tags for Computers and Other Office Equipment?

There are many reasons why you should choose polyester for your asset tag material. Some of the benefits this high-quality material offers include:

  • Quality and price. Polyester is a cost-effective material that offers plenty of durability and strength, making these tags ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. This means you can purchase affordable asset tags without sacrificing quality. Your tags will endure harsh environments and any efforts of forbidden removal.

  • Vibrant backgrounds and text. At Name That Computer, we over-laminate your asset tags with no extra charge. This protects the film and results in vibrant colors in your label.

  • Customization. With our polyester asset tags, you can add your company logo and colored background. But, you can also pick the size and corner style of your choosing. Moreover, with our polyester barcode labels you can choose from 128 and 39 codes.
Polyester asset tags for sale.

Barcode or Serial Number? How to Choose Your Ideal Custom Asset Tag?

The type of office equipment asset tag you choose entirely depends on your asset management system. When creating an asset tracking system, your business must choose the way in which your equipment will be tracked. Barcodes or serial numbers. 

Barcodes include printed lines, spaces, and shapes, while serial numbers feature a group of alphanumeric characters. Each barcode and serial number must be a unique identifier to one part number or piece of equipment.

Custom asset tags for office equipment and appliances.

Explore the Benefits of Asset Management with Name That Computer

Name That Computer has over 30 years of experience in the printing industry. Our trajectory in the asset tagging industry has allowed us to perfect our processes and products and offer the best solutions to suit your needs. 

We are proud to offer high-quality void labels, laptop skins, tamper evident labels, asset tags for computers and office equipment, and much more. All our products are printed using the multicolor process print. This allows us to closely match colors and results in a sharp reproduction of your logo and label features.

We provide asset tagging solutions for banks, universities, government agencies, and any type of business looking to track their assets. We help you stay organized, protected, and efficient.

Fully Custom Asset Tags

Your new asset tags for computers and other types of equipment can feature all the important information you want. Not only do you get to track all your assets effectively, but you do so with custom labels that look good and fit your company’s style.

Here’s what you can add to your polyester asset tags for equipment:

  • Company Logo 
  • Background Color (various options)
  • Barcode or Serial Number (2 barcode options)
  • Square or Rounded Corners 

Get started with asset tracking, design your custom polyester labels at Name That Computer today.

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