Many small and big companies use void labels to protect their assets and discourage thieves from attempting to remove them. Void labels are part of the security sticker categories that prevent your assets from tapering; when the label is removed, the adhesive will reveal a text that repeats several times.

But what about if you need to remove it without any damage to change it? The good news is that you can use a few methods to remove them without damaging the surface. In this blog, we will go over some tips on successful adhesive residue removal!

Tips to Remove Sticky Label Residue

remove sticky label residue

There are some methods to remove the sticky residue from the void label. Here we will share some tips that will help you remove them successfully.

Warm up the Label

To easily remove a label, use a warm air hair dryer to warm up the label and melt the adhesive. Take time and slowly peel off the label to avoid leaving any residue. With this method, the label should come off intact in most cases.

To remove any leftover residue, use a strong adhesive cello tape or wipe the surface with acetone. Keep in mind that this may leave marks on your surface, so test it on inconspicuous areas beforehand.

Soak the Label

Another alternative is to soak the label with warm water for 10 mins. Water can be used to facilitate the removal of tags because they typically use water-based acrylic adhesives. Once the label is removed, you can use your fingers to rub off any remaining sticky residue.

This method can work with any type of void label and may be your best option if the warm air method doesn’t work.

Usage of Chemicals

Soaking the labels with solvents will help soften the label’s adhesive and make it peel off. You can use vinegar, cigarette lighter fluid, white spirits, or DW40 to remove the stain. However, before applying any solvent, test it on an unseen surface part first to check if it won’t damage it.


As previously mentioned, acetone helps break down the adhesive behind stickers. To remove a sticker with stubborn adhesive, use this product, like rubbing alcohol. Dip a cotton ball in the development, apply it to the sticker, let it sit for a few minutes, and then peel or rub off the sticker with any remaining adhesive.

High-Quality Void Labels for Any Business

Using tamper labels allows you to protect your assets and prevent anyone from damaging them or stealing them. Void labels are ideal for any business and item, ensuring only authorized individuals can remove them.

Name That Computer offers high-quality custom tamper-proof stickers and warranty labels to protect your items. We have the right product for you, whether high-level security or destructible labels. Contact us today to learn more about our products!

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