Manufacturers purchase case badges to identify their unique product, often with their company’s name or the computer’s particular model name. However, deciding where to place these case badges can sometimes be challenging. That is why we are listing some of the most optimal placements for case badges, but first, let’s start by defining what a case badge is.

What Are Case Badges?

Case badges, also referred to as case stickers, are adhesive labels or emblems that display logos, brand names, or other symbols associated with the components within your computer case. These badges serve as a means to personalize your PC and show off your hardware or software preferences. Yet, it’s important to consider where to place them to achieve the best visual impact and aesthetics.

Case Badges Domed 1x1

The placement of case badges largely depends on individual preference and the design of the computer case. However, some of the most common preferred locations are the following:

The Front Panel

Placing case badges on the front panel of your computer case can be an eye-catching choice. This location lets you display your badges, making them easily visible to anyone looking at your computer. Just ensure they don’t obstruct the airflow or other essential components.

The Side Panel

One of the most common places to put case badges is on the side panel of your computer case. This placement allows for easy viewing and makes for an eye-catching display. Consider placing your badge at the bottom or center of your panel to maintain symmetry.

Near Component Areas

Another popular option is to place case badges near the components they represent. For example, if you have a high-end graphics card, you can position the graphics card manufacturer’s badge close to it. This arrangement looks organized and helps others identify your hardware at a glance.

Remember, the key is to enhance the aesthetics of your case, not to overwhelm it. Choose a location that highlights your case’s design and your personal style.

Where to Buy Computer Stickers?

There are numerous online platforms where you can buy case badges. You can opt for custom badge makers if you want a more personalized touch. These companies allow you to create unique case badges with your own designs, logos, or text.  

Before purchasing, it’s essential to consider the quality of the badge and the adhesive used. This will ensure that your badges look good and last a long time. 

Get Your Personalized Case Badge

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