The kind of asset tag that you need depends on the application. Below is a list of the various types of asset tags we offer and their best uses:


These tags are made of a laminated plastic material with a low-stick permanent adhesive. Although they are laminated, they won’t hold up to outdoor conditions for very long.

  • USES:
    Quick labeling or bar-coding
    Best for indoor applications
    Black text or logo on white background or white text or logo on black background


Our Polyester asset tags can be made in one of 5 text colors with a bar-code and logo in the same color. These are great, affordable tags and come with either a white background or brushed silver background.  They have a medium-stick adhesive.  Additionally, we offer Custom Polyester tags in multi-colors.

  • USES:
    Not for outdoor use
    Medium Stick adhesive
    Affordable tag great for bar-code labeling and brand identification


Our Premium asset tags are of the highest quality. They are printed on plastic with an over-laminate of Lexan(R) for maximum protection. They will resist both major spills and most chemicals, harsh weather and scratching. They can be printed with the highest quality print for your logo, bar-code or any other information. They have a high-stick 3M(R) permanent adhesive.

  • USES:
    Great for indoor or outdoor use
    Exposure to chemicals or bio-hazardous materials as they can be cleaned
    High quality print and materials to give your brand a value-added look.
    Will adhere to curved or uneven surfaces
    Available in any color
    Long lasting


Our Premium Aluminum Asset tags are printed on white plastic or clear film laminated to either thin aluminum (.007 mil) or thick aluminum (.020 mil). All are over-laminated with Lexan (R) for maximum protection. They have a high-stick 3M (R) permanent adhesive and will show off your brand beautifully.

  • USES:
    Thin Aluminum is great for curved or uneven surfaces
    Great for indoor or outdoor use
    Exposure to chemicals or bio-hazardous materials as they can be cleaned
    Thick Aluminum is great for outdoor industrial uses- rust proof and long lasting



when choosing your asset tags, consider their application. Don’t make a choice on price alone as you’ll want to make sure you are getting the best product that will suit your needs long term.

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