A name plate is a small but durable label used for branding. It is designed to display important information about the device it is attached to. This could be the name, logo, product, identifier, contact information, and other relevant details. 

Custom-printed nameplates are essential for keeping track of devices and identifying their owners. They are an effective way to ensure you can quickly identify your assets to keep them secure. However, nameplates have many other purposes beyond asset identification. In this blog post, we will explore how custom-printed nameplates can be utilized to meet your specific needs. 

Name Plate Uses

The information presented in nameplates is meant to provide quick information without the need to ask for assistance. Here, we will show you some of the most common uses:

  1. Brand Awareness

Nameplates are commonly used to promote brand awareness. They serve as a visible and consistent way to display a company’s name, logo, and other branding elements. It can be affixed to products, equipment, or office furniture, helping to reinforce the brand’s identity and make a lasting impression on customers and clients.

  1. High-Risk Areas

Name Plates are crucial for safety and asset management in high-risk areas such as industrial facilities or construction sites. They can identify dangerous equipment, provide essential information, and warn workers about potential hazards. Nameplates in these environments often include safety instructions, emergency contact information, and hazard warnings.

  1. Elevators

Name Plates are put on elevators to indicate floor numbers, directions, and safety information. This helps passengers navigate buildings and provide emergency contact details. This ensures they have a clear understanding in case of an emergency.

  1. Employee Names

In office and corporate settings, Name Plates are often used to display employee names and job titles. These small, personalized name plates can be attached to office doors, cubicles, or desks, making it easy for people to identify and address employees. They foster a sense of belonging and professionalism within the workplace.

domed nameplate
  1. Electrical Equipment

Name Plates are used on electrical equipment to provide important information about voltage, current, power ratings, and safety certifications. It helps ensure the safe and efficient operation of electrical devices and provides critical data for maintenance and troubleshooting.

  1. Vehicle Engines

Name Plates in the automotive and transportation industry are affixed to vehicle engines to identify the manufacturer, model, and specifications. This information is crucial for mechanics, maintenance, and repairs, enabling them to select the right parts and ensure the engine’s optimal performance.

  1. Appliances

Household appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, and ovens often have name plates that display key information such as energy efficiency, serial numbers, model numbers, and safety instructions. These labels assist consumers in making informed choices, using appliances safely, and seeking support when needed.

  1. Computer and Laptop

Name Plates on computers and laptops are used for name recognition. Domed Name Plates are a value-added item that enhances the quality of the item.

Where to Get a Name Plate Made?

green domed nameplate

If you need nameplates for your business, it’s best to hire the services of a professional printing company that specializes in your industry. For example, if you require nameplates for your computers or electronic devices, it’s best to seek a specialized electronic printing business. This will ensure you receive the highest quality and most durable product possible.

Printing businesses, such as Name That Computer, offer a wide range of customized nameplates that can be used for asset tagging purposes. By sourcing your nameplates from a reliable company, you can be assured of getting the best quality and durable products. 

Finding a trustworthy and experienced printing company is essential to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Your Trusted Printing Business

At Name That Computer, we have been producing custom-domed  and non-domed name plates for the computer, industrial, and electronics industries for many years.

Our domed and non-domed Name Plates and labels are designed to enhance the appearance of your equipment and add value to it. We use only the highest quality epoxy resin for doming, which is durable and long-lasting, making them suitable for indoor use. 
We offer a range of customization options, including gloss white plastic, gloss clear plastic, or metalized polyester with or without doming. Also, we will match the colors of your logo and send you a proof before printing to ensure you are completely satisfied with the service. Fill out the form to receive a personalized quote via email.

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