Recently we were asked to create a custom Lexan overlay that had windows- not just cut-outs, but true windows.  The customer wanted a Lexan* overlay with the cut-outs covered with the clear Lexan*.  In a multi-step process we were able to satisfy the customer’s needs.  Below is a photo of the left portion of the overlay, still on the brown backing paper.  The second photo shows the windows covered in the clear Lexan*.  Although it’s difficult to tell that there’s Lexan covering the cut-outs, you may be able to see it more clearly on the bottom cut-out.  This gives protection to the entire surface of the equipment and serves as a “dust cover” to the opening.  Any overlay can be overlaid with satin film instead of the Lexan* if preferred, however, the Lexan* outer is the most protective against minor scratches.  For all your “Custom” needs, call us at Name That Computer and we’ll be happy to work with you to develop a product that suits your needs.

Polycarbonate Overlay with windowsClear Lexan windows over cut-outs

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